Gamers Need a Game Changer

Granted you can take selfies in GTA and Titanfall blew my first person shooter mind, what’s new in video games this year? Our progress on the tech front has been at a dead sprint for the last 2 decades, and video games have been a direct beneficiary of that forward motion. We’ve come a long way since Nintendo blasted through the SD pixels with their brown box of imagination. Now we’re jumping through digital hoops with Kinect—but that’s been around since 2009. When was the last time someone broke the fifth wall for video games? Our buddies at Vice share the same sentiment: The Best Video Games of 2014 Are Exactly the Same as Last Year.

At Wutznxt we are clearly biased in this argument. Guitar Hero and Rock Band had a big influence on the industry and we’re proud to have been a part of it. Having said that, we like to take this approach in all projects, there’s always plenty to praise, 2014 has released some amazing game titles but who has the next Kinect, Rock Band, or Wii? That's a tough question to answer for game developers, but asking the hard questions is one of our favorite activities. Let us help you not only ask these questions, but find the right answers.