HP's Comeback - Effective Storytelling

In Silicon Valley where young pups seem to rule, HP is an old dog, and one that has been through its share of scrapes in recent years. But it’s also showing that it can still learn some pretty intriguing tricks. And with any luck, those tricks could bring it to the forefront of tech innovation again. - Kevin Keheller wrote in Time Magazine.

HP has some amazing advances for the 3D printing industry, and they recently showcased a perfect example of what it takes to hustle in the tech industry. Any company can boast the next product, but telling others doesn't always have the intended impact. In order to effectively showcase their Multi Jet Fusion Technology, they made a video of a 3D printed chain link holding a 1 ton car and gained backing from analysts because of it.

Products, companies, and ideas need great storytellers to get them off the ground. Each needs to be shown in a compelling and concise way that leaves your audience with a resounding "Wow!" If you have a story, we'll help you tell it.