Google's First Shop in Shop is British

Google opened it's very first shop in shop in London, as a baby step in the direct to consumer market, Google has now gone the same route as other tech giants. When a tech company transitions from pure software to user devices, opening a small brick and mortar experience is a great way to test the retail waters. Amazon is doing this in San Francisco, and countless brands like Lenovo and Samsung have been operating shop in shops in China.

Google's shop in shop includes a variety of experiences for customers that utilize a set of large screens in the shop. Features like the "Doodle Wall" convey the notion of creativity that Google wants to imbue for their customers while the "Chromecast Pod" delivers a branded example of the ecosystem they would like to sell.

Wutznxt has helped tech giants open shop in shops both domestically and internationally. It's a great opportunity to introduce your brand and refine key value propositions with lower risk than an inaugural flagship. If you have plans to open shop in shops and need help in any facet of the project, shoot us an email or drop a line, we'd love to help out.