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Mac Hansen
Senior Project Manager and Creative

Mac organizes, manages, and drives initiatives for companies small and large, from start-ups to multinationals. He has a disciplined, down-to-earth approach that includes humor and avoids jargon at the EOD. What distinguishes him from other project managers is his ability to convey tasks clearly and work with people intuitively so that process doesn't get in the way of results.

In every project in which he's involved, Mac is the quiet asset that consistently delivers results without churning the water. Perhaps he learned that while fishing on a commercial salmon vessel, maybe it came to him while coxing an eight-man crew to national victories. Whatever the case, he's the guy you want to drive your project from concept to completion. Currently, Mac is working with a Fortune 50 company, managing their retail expansion into international markets. Needless to say, the fact that Mac has tons of energy (or sleeps well on airplanes) is also a huge plus.


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