At MTV, Jeff was head of Program Enterprises. This means he oversaw gaming, publishing, consumer products, licensing, radio, movie studios, and the VHS/DVD business—basically everything but television.

There he introduced a new digital platform called Laguna Beach Surf Club, which targeted the series’ heaviest users. With 600,000 members in the Club, Laguna Beach’s first season became the largest selling DVD title for MTV. He also established a DVD franchise for The Hills. The direct response campaign made for huge revenue.

From there Jeff conducted the re-release of Beavis and Butthead by working with Mike Judge into a business deal that sold nearly a million units.

Working more with the digital sphere of marketing, Jeff created the first virtual music site called Lower East Side. He was even responsible for MTV's role in Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

He also worked on the movies that MTV made at the time, including a deal with Nascar that made Dale, which went on to receive two Emmy nominations. Jeff’s business with Toby Keith resulted in the making of Crazy Heart which stacked a long list of awards including two Oscars including Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures.

Leslie Belzburg worked with Jeff first hand as an Executive Producer on Crazy Heart, “Jeff saw the potential in Crazy Heart, where many did not. Even with a first time director and many of the unknowns surrounding the early production of this movie, he was willing to step up and make the decision to take a risk and make what he knew could actually be a hit.”

On top of all that, Jeff was always networking to bring people to their potential. He introduced Tom Freston, CEO of MTV at the time, to Shane Smith, CEO and founder of Vice. Easton now serves on the board of Vice Media.



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