While at MTV, Jeff discovered a video game developer that carried a little plastic guitar; this was the beginning of a major disruption in the video game industry. This was Guitar Hero.

Jeff carried Guitar Hero all the way to retail; with marketing support and licensing they oversaw the launch. He then led the acquisition of Harmonix and went on to make Rock Band 1, 2, and 3. Shortly thereafter they created and became the fastest growing game category ever.

Jeff changed the business model from buying tracks to downloadable tracks and used authentic music, which set the standard for the industry. Rivaled only by Mario and Madden, Guitar Hero was the third largest game franchise in 2009 with over $2 billion in sales.

With invaluable foresight into key ideas, Jeff didn’t just change the game, he started a new one.

"In the history of rock 'n' roll, Rock Band may just turn out to be up there with the rise of FM radio, CDs or MTV." - Steven Van Zandt Time Magazine 

 This is a great example of cutting edge product that turns heads and disrupts the status quo. When we get involved with companies who want to realize the potential of their product we can pull from experiences like Rock Band that leave a lasting impression on the industry.




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