Customer Experience

Wutznxt builds a retail experience with your target customer in mind. Whether it's online or in a brick and mortar environment, every facet must maintain its purpose to enhance the experience. After all, the experience is the story told by members of your tribe. When we set the bar for customer experiences, it is immediately reflected with a lift in sales. 

Example: China

In China our client targeted young families who had aspirations for their children. Creating a store that enabled customers to come in and learn about the product while their children enjoyed demos was key to our client's success in the world's largest growing retail market.

We also enhanced the experience by paying special attention to staffing and training - this is a key area that most companies are willing to overlook due to budgets. We've found cost effective training techniques that will keep the investment realistic and deliver clear results. In that training, Wutznxt ensures that the company-wide vision is communicated effectively throughout.



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